Thursday, July 5, 2007


hello everyone beautiful sunset just copy it cause dont have any photos of sunset anyways how are you are fine or im happy always....I just joined blogger...cause i like to make a lot of blogger but i have little pictures and im gonna make alot and post some up like im gonna make my profile full...I know im a new member but im gonna make alot of blog of my self and anything else...if you want too know where i live in Saipan,kagman...but i just sleep in my greatgrandma's house Nang she very old already...But i still love any ways but i sleep ther everyday not my house at kagman at kagman3 is my getting tired already making my blog longer i guess its really long...After im done im gonna go back to chating in yahoo messenger...And check my emails and stuff...i think im not gonna chat cause im getting sleepy its still morning but very sleepy...Because last night i sleep somewhere in 4:00 or 5:00 cause to much talking...already very tired i cannot type fast cause my fingers hurts like i can feel something its like hurting already shower tthen sleep after im just gonna make very long and shower and go sleep...very tired plenty words in my head that i want to put and its feel like something inside very tired bye...

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